Survey on the book of Ecclesiastes

About This Book: In the book of Ecclesiastes, the author is exploring the meaning and purpose of life. The key word used in the book is vanity which means failing to find happiness by one’s own effort and means. The power, popularity, prestige, pleasure – nothing can fill the emptiness of man’s heart but God. … Read more

Survey on the book of Proverbs

About This Book: Proverbs is one of the famous books in the Old Testament just like the book of Psalms. Proverbs is the book of wisdom, understanding, human personality and behavior. The Book of Proverbs is written by King Solomon, Agur and Lemuel. The main author of the Book of Proverbs is King Solomon. He … Read more

Survey on the book of Psalms

About This Book: The Book of Psalms has attracted more attention from Christians than any other Old Testament book. Many psalms are quoted in the New Testament. It is the most important book of the Old Testament. This book is easy to understand and relate to. Each psalm is unique. Most of the Christian songs … Read more

Survey on the book of Job

About This Book: The book of Job tells us about how a man named Job suffered even though he was upright and blameless. Even though he suffered, he still praised God. He did not sin.   Historical Background: The book has no author and no date when it was written. The date when it was … Read more