Various Temptations of Christian Minister

Temptation to quit the Ministry Every Christian minister after he has preached and ministered to the people, sooner or later, wants to quit his ministry. Elijah did the same thing. After he had called fire from heaven, turned the hearts of the people towards Yehovah God, killed Baal’s prophets, and restored rain in Israel through … Read more

The Nature of God

Term “Nature of God” “Nature of God” refers to God’s attributes and qualities. Basically, it is Who God is and What he does. God’s nature is revealed both in His qualities and His names. Creation reveals who God is. It speaks of God’s greatness. The Word of God reveals the nature of God to us. … Read more


Introduction Anthropology is the study of Man. This post tells us about anthropology.   Human Existence The Bible refers man as the best of all God’s creation. Man is social and reasonable. Animals too are social. Computers and robots are reasonable (logical) as well. However, having a conscience and the ability to introspect self, makes … Read more