Survey on the book of Proverbs

About This Book:

Proverbs is one of the famous books in the Old Testament just like the book of Psalms. Proverbs is the book of wisdom, understanding, human personality and behavior. The Book of Proverbs is written by King Solomon, Agur and Lemuel. The main author of the Book of Proverbs is King Solomon. He wrote them through his God given wisdom; he was given incomparable wisdom by God. It is a book of practical advice in the context of the “Fear of the Lord”.


Historical Background:

The Book of Proverbs is an old book like the Book of Psalms. Proverbs too was written over a long period of time. King Solomon demonstrated God’s wisdom in a practical way in every area of life of human beings.

Agur and Lemuel are mentioned only once and with very little additional information. Proverb are related to one another and also are in a series. So, they are be understood in their context and not taken out of context. Solomon has written these proverbs from his experience with God and the people around him.

The Book of Proverbs starts with the sayings of Solomon. Solomon has written about wisdom, knowledge, advice, correction, exaltation, and staying within the boundaries of God’s commandments. The other section expresses the sayings of Agur’s wisdom. Lastly the book has the sayings of Lemuel. Like the Book of Psalms, the Book of Proverbs is easy to understand.



The goal of Book of Proverbs is stated right at the beginning. The goal is to help God’s people to know wisdom and instruction. It is to help them understand words of insight. It is for them to receive instruction in righteousness, justice and equity. To give cautiousness to the simple and the youth. It also increases wisdom of the wise and the knowledgeable. Wisdom is found in the fear of the Lord. The book helps believers in expressing their faith in a practical way in their everyday life.

The Book of Proverbs teaches relationship with God and one-another. The world’s wisdom is futile before God’s wisdom. God’s wisdom leads to truth and salvation. Proverbs declares very often, “get wisdom, get understanding”

Proverbs are written in the short sentences.


Theological Significance:

The Book of Proverbs is about practical advice, observations for human life, humanistic observations rather than divine authority. The book of Proverbs clearly mentions either God’s way or world’s way.



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