Survey on the book of Song of Songs

About This Book:

Song of Songs is one of the two books in the Bible which does not mention God. This book talks about intimate physical love in marriage. However, it is believed by many that this book is symbolically speaking of God’s love for His people, and their love for Him. It also signifies Jesus Christ’s love for the church, which is His bride. This book is written as a poem.


Historical Background:

This book was written by Solomon as mentioned in 1:1.  There are arguments to prove that this book was not written by Solomon. But none of those arguments are proven to be true.



The Song of Songs portrays an intimate story of love and sex in explicit detail.

The plot centers on the love between the king and the woman. The woman is pictured as beautiful. She has captured the heart of the king.

The story progresses from the initial meeting and the show of mutual affection to their marriage. The relationship is troubled following the marriage. But at the end their bond is deep and committed.

Instead of being one poem, some scholars believe that the book is a collection of 23 or 31 poems. This is why the book is titled Song of Songs. But they all detail the love that a man and a woman have for each other.


Theological Significance:

The book reminds us that God created love and sex to be a good thing in a committed married relationship between a man and a woman. However, intimate relationships between a man and a woman will not be without trouble. Love can bring pain and joy, both.

If we consider the song to be God’s love for his people, the book can be seen to be telling us about God’s desire to be an intimate and faithful relationship with his people. It also indicates the deep intimate relationship the people who love and trust God desire to have with God.



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