Who I am

Hi! I am Karun Girdhar, a passionate creator whose work focuses on creating captivating digital experiences, capturing the moments of life in photography, and bringing concepts for visual creations to life. Since 2015, my creative path has spanned numerous worlds, reflecting my dedication to artistic expression and innovative technology.

Web Development

I started creating websites in 2015, and ever since then, I’ve been working to make things happen. My area of interest is using WordPress to build websites and using tools like the Divi theme and premium themes for numerous projects without coding to come to life. I also optimize website speed, using approaches such as Cloudflare setup and the WP-Optimize plugin (if Apache Web Server is installed) or LiteSpeed Cache (if LiteSpeed Enterprise/OpenLiteSpeed is installed) for fast loading times. Explore my portfolio to see how I combine elegance and usefulness in my work: click here


In 2020, my creative path took me behind the camera. Passionate about mobile and DSLR photography, I went on a visual journey. My photography portfolio captures the essence and beauty of life that I have had the opportunity to capture. To check out my photography journey, click here


In 2021, I ventured into design, equipped with the creative power of Canva. My designs bring concepts and ideas to life, making eye-catching posters for personal and Church-related projects. To check out my designs, click here

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media

In addition to my creative pursuits, I’ve smoothed my SEO abilities by studying with experts like Robin and Jasper via “The Complete Digital Marketing Guide.” This knowledge enables me to optimize websites for search engines and ensure they achieve their maximum potential. It is something I’m trying to accomplish in my blog posts. I also maintain Social Media accounts for my photography, designs, daily meditation, and the Church I am attending

I would love to contact you if you’re looking for a creative collaborator to achieve your digital visions, capture the essence of moments, integrate design with meaning, and optimize websites for maximum performance. Contact me on LinkedIn or visit my Contact page. Let us go on a creative journey that promises to be a wonder in and of itself.

I’m looking forward to creating, capturing, and designing wonders together!

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